About me

A big hello from South Africa and welcome to my personal website. I am a South African designer / creative director (with Italian heritage), currently based in Cape Town. I am a passionately individual, dynamic entrepreneur highly skilled in (fashion) design, creative direction and brand – building (lifestyle).

I am a creative storyteller with 10 years of experience as a designer spanning the clothing and bodywear industries including: swimwear, lingerie & shapewear, sleepwear, loungewear & (light) sportswear categories; and in more recent years spent time developing and launching a new lifestyle brand. This time has afforded me a great deal of growth and new skill, having developed and managed a small business. I am inspired by vision and driven to achieve excellence. I possess a wide skill set with a fine balance between strategy and creative.

I am seeker of beauty and simplicity with focused attention to detail. Fascinated by design that is effortlessly stylish as well as visual campaigns and emotive content that delight viewers. I am moved to create colourful and authentic experiences with a considered, focused approach to curating new projects. There exists within me a great passion to express the beauty and freedom of travel, finding new sources of inspiration and discovery along the way. A collector of experiences.

With a growing awareness to preserve and care for the environment, a lifestyle of well – being and balance is just as important as design and aesthetics. I am a responsible soul with a sincere appreciation for the natural beauty that exists in this world – a personal view that drives the importance of ensuring sustainability is a priority in order to make a difference, great or small.