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Brand – JT One

JT One is a South African destination bodywear brand that offers a range of lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear & activewear as well as accessories. The brand is defined by its fun, fashionable style with both sporty and feminine elements targeted toward young women who are confident, independent, active and stylish.

As the designer for the brand I sought to capture quality and comfort with feminine, pretty detail that had a quirky twist or a colour contrast for fashion relevance.


A combination of recent personal and previous mood board work examples that capture the seasonal look and feel for the respective product category and target customer. Inspired by trend and guided by colour and fabric direction. The recent work showcases an updated, cleaner format and newer trend for relevance.

Please find below some samples of work done during my time at Woolworths (South Africa) for the JT One lingerie & sleepwear brand as well as the knicker and shapewear departments. This trend work showcases a variety of mood, colour, print and fabric direction as well as key silhouettes and new opportunities.


Herewith presented are work examples of CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) designs created to showcase product and styling features for the respective brand, target customer and product category.



A representation of work examples for styling and technical specifications included in a full tech pack briefing, often accompanied with fit and fabric specifications, unit buy, delivery date etc. (an important tool for garment development, product costing and production).



A visual representation of a cohesive collection created for a period of time (monthly) or a seasonal range offer designed for the respective categories, target customer and brand offer. This is reflective of the mood and inspiration created initially with the creative process and showcased in the form of a planogram.